Medical Disclaimer

No medical claims are implied in the information given in this website and diagnosis or treatment of any condition is not intended. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits cannot be taken as a replacement for medical advice or prescription medication, or seen as a diagnosis for a specific condition.


Butter Wax & Oil Products are for external use only. Our handcrafted products are pure and natural and contain certified organic ingredients where possible. Despite the pure and natural nature of our products, some people may react or are allergic to natural substances. Our products are tested on humans before we offer them to the public.


Butter Wax & Oil cannot be held responsible for any allergies that may develop from using our products or resultant ailments should they arise. We strongly suggest that you patch test any new product before its continued usage. If any redness or itching occurs do not continue to use and please let us know.


How to Patch Test

Apply a small amount of new product to clean skin inside the elbow. Cover and leave for 24 hours. If any redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Essential Oils

Most of our products contain pure essential oils and are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We therefore recommend you consult a professional aromatherapist before using any of our products should this apply to you.